Some words from Clients...

Mel's intuition is the best, which means that she knows just exactly the places on my body that need work.

Cathleen N.    Eugene

I've been regularly seeing Melody as my Massage Therapist for almost 6 years.  If it hadn't been for Melody and massage, I would not be working in my very physical profession in dentistry.  She literally has kept me working for all these years.  I feel confident that she is aware of my body, as a whole, she works intuitively as she works.  For me massage is not only a physical therapy it is also emotional therapy.  Melody definitely provides both aspects for me.  I simply refuse to go anywhere else.

Tammie L.    Eugene

I have been consistently having massages from Melody for a good 5 years now.  She is the most comfortable, fun & open person to be around.  When having a massage, you definitely need to be comfortable & Melody makes sure of that.  I've never felt uneasy or embarrassed.

Melody really keeps confidentiality a priority.  We're friends, so we end up visiting the whole time.  I know a lot of people just like quiet, when they have a massage & I know Melody would honor that, if that's what you request.

She always asks, before the massage, what may be bothering me (regarding muscles, kinks, etc) or any special work I need done.  Her clients are her first priority.

Thank you, Melody, for always fitting me in & fixing all my aches & pains.  You are appreciated!!

Rebecca K.    Eugene

Melody provides a quiet and peaceful place to relax and get a great massage.  From the moment you walk into her welcoming home you are surrounded by peaceful sounds and smells and puts you instantly at ease.  She will take the time to get to know you, your needs, preferences and expectations and then provides a made-to-order massage that will leave you wanting more.  She follows this up with expectations for the remainder of the day and a reminder to drink lots of water.  All of this at an affordable price.

You could not ask or want for a great massage that meets you expectations, call today.  You won't be sorry.

Jeannie S.    Eugene

I can personally scream from the house tops of how excellent and skilled Melody Gandy of Healing Hands Helping Hearts is.  I met her a couple weeks ago during a time that I had been injured from tangling with my 7 month old mini Ausie Grand Puppies leash and going from a standing position to being twisted and landing on my arm, shoulder and head on a ceramic tile floor. Her knowledge of the human body and the muscles, ligaments and bone structure helped me beyond words with my road to recovery. Beyond knowing many massage techniques and styles she took the time to ask me what my preferences were and adjusted to what worked for both of us. I can 100% recommend her for all your massage needs.

Helen D. W.

I have been to see Melody several times for massage treatment and with her help have found relief from severe back pain. She is certified in several therapeutic techniques. I highly recommend her for her abilities and knowledge in her practice.

Elizabeth S.    Eugene

I have had many massages from other massage therapist and by far Melody is the best! She is not invasive or too hard and the technique she uses really works great.

I was late for my first session so I only go a half an hour in. 

After she was done I felt very relaxed and really good. 

I was so relaxed I went home stress free and took an nice afternoon nap.

I can't wait to go again for the full hour massage.

I am a Realtor and have a very busy schedule but I fully intend to get back in as soon as possible.

Melody works wonders. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Steve W.    Eugene


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